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Jeanie's Story

At the age of 40, my life came crashing down all around me.

We moved our family of 4 children across the state to El Paso, leaving behind all that was familiar, at the recommendation of our therapist. We had discovered that our best friends had betrayed our trust in the worst possible way. My beautiful mom had just passed away from her 6 month battle with cancer, and my husband had to walk away from a business he had invested in for 15 years of his life.

Betrayal and grief accompanied me to El Paso, where my body starting shutting down from the shock of everything. The shock of moving from the country to the city, from private schools to public. The shock of a different culture and not having the comfort of family, friends and our home where the kids were raised.

The stress of it all sent me into early menopause, even though the labs weren’t validating my claims. For the first time in my life, my digestive system pretty much shut down, I gained 15 pounds, had brain fog, night sweats and hot flashes. My hair was coming out in handfuls, and I was bleeding so much that I became anemic. I was extremely emotional, and even the simplest of things would cause me to reel. This made life a little rough on my poor husband and kids. They were patient with me, thank the Lord, but it was bad. I felt like I had lost all control over my body.

The next 7 years were pretty miserable. Doctors tried numerous therapies to try to help me. They put me on the Nuvaring. We tried bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for a year, but every month my labs came back the same. When they wanted to double the dosage, I decided to stop the treatments. With a history of cancer in my family, I was really afraid to take that risk. Then we tried an herbal-based, compounded formula for a year. No changes. No help. I felt desperate and hopeless.

A friend of mine kept suggesting I try some products from an essential oil company, but I was so tired of trying everything, it took me about 4 months before I had the courage to respond. I finally purchased one of their starter kits and got on an immune-building juice they sell. I started diffusing oils at night for sleep, and started drinking the juice every day. That’s it. Too simple to believe it would even help. But those oils were enough to bring a shift in my body. I began sleeping better. My digestive system started functioning properly. This was huge for me, because I had tried everything imaginable to help! Each month my symptoms got better and better. Hot flashes diminished. My brain started working again. My body responded to the nutrients it was receiving, and it began the healing process I so desperately needed. Later on I added an essential oil serum to help balance my hormones, and that became a game changer in making me feel like myself again!

Over the last five years, I have also discovered the ability of essential oils to heal my emotions. I believe that all healing comes through God, and He gave me these tools to help me right when I needed it. I have to say, this part of my healing was so critical. My emotions had become just as shut down as my body. Undealt with trauma can do that to you. Learning to release the anger and process all the negative emotions attached to painful memories was key to my healing. Deep-breathing essential oils calmed those emotions and enabled me to release forgiveness, regret, and the pain of betrayal . . . I was no longer afraid to feel the depth of my emotions and I became alive again! It felt so good to leave the past behind me.

Amazing things happen in your life when you get healthy - physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It’s been so rewarding to discover my deepest passions and my true self. My creative side has been awakened, and I’ve invested time to create a life I love. I feel so much better. I now have my own pottery studio, opened a boutique/gift shop with my bestie, own 2 vintage airstream BnB’s that my hubby and I have remodeled, and I teach classes, sharing my love and passion for God, and for a company that has brought incredible healing and freedom in my life! I have so much compassion for women who have gone through similar health issues, and I’m so thankful for the answers I found in these incredible products!

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