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Jeanie's Story

At the age of 40, my life came crashing down all around me.

We moved our family of 4 children across the state to El Paso, leaving behind all that was familiar, at the recommendation of our therapist. We had discovered that our best friends had betrayed our trust in the worst possible way. My beautiful mom had just passed away from her 6 month battle with cancer, and my husband had to walk away from a business he had invested in for 15 years of his life.....

Donna's Story

I am a follower of Christ, a Mom, a daughter, a grandmother, a friend, a breast cancer survivor and a woman who deeply cares about others and believes in sharing her story. My life journey has included music ministry, counseling, teaching, art and for the last six years teaching about the benefits of living a toxic free life through Young Living Essential Oils.....


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